Val Venis Shoot Interview

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Along with “Oh hell yeah” and “Can you smell what the Rock is cooking,” “Hello Ladies” may be the most recognizable from wrestling’s biggest period. How did a kid who started wrestling as a hobby turn himself into one of sports entertainment’s most recognizable personalities? RF Video’s newest shoot interview with Val Venis tells it all.

Val Venis’ pro wrestling career started long before he entered a WWE ring. Val took the unconventional path to the top. Val wrestled all over the world throughout all of the top international territories and companies long before he made it to the WWE. Along with these journeys come some great road stories which you will only hear in this RF Video shoot interview.

Val recalls his first-ever tour of All Japan Pro Wrestling and a situation with the Babas. What wrestler on the tour made Val paranoid and fearful of his job before he ever wrestled a match in Japan? Val also talks about wrestling and traveling with the legends of All Japan including Stan Hansen, Kenta Kobashi, and more.

Val goes into great detail about his only experience with WCW. What happened that turned Val off to WCW before he tried out for the company? What WCW executive rubbed Val the wrong way? How did his appearance impact his Mexico tour? How close was he to going to WCW over the WWE?

Val also talks extensively about getting into the WWE. What were his first impressions of Vince McMahon? Who brokered the deal to get Val a tryout? What were Val’s tryouts like? How soon was he hired after trying out? Did he feel he was ready for the WWE?

One of the best parts of the interview is Val talking about the creation of the character Val Venis. What were his initial reactions? How and who came up with, “Hello ladies?” Who called him with the idea? What kind of research did he do to prepare for the new gimmick? Did he think it would work?

Val also tells a great story about his first television appearance against Scorpio in the WWE. Val talks about the psychology behind the match. Val talks about why he thought it was different than most matches. Val is a student of the game and talks psychology quite a bit during the entire video. Val also talks about Jim Ross’ reaction on commentary to the different psychology he used in his debut. How did the office react?

Val has some great stories about being in the ring with some of wrestling’s biggest stars. Val talks about his matches with Steve Austin and the differences in wrestling Steve on television and at a house show. Val also talks about wrestling the Rock, including a great story about the night he ribbed the Rock in the ring and popped Pat Patterson.

Val talks about the many changes in his character in the WWE. Why did the WWE drop the porn star gimmick? Did he like it or did he favor the character? Val talks about the RTC and his thoughts on fellow RTC members. Val also has some great stories about his run as Eric Bischoff’s Chief of Staff.

Val is very candid with his opinions throughout the interview. Which McMahon does he feel doesn’t have the same passion for wrestling as the others? His thoughts on the Stephanie McMahon-Triple H romance including the love triangle involving Chyna. Does he think the Edge-Matt Hardy-Lita situation was a work? Val is most opinionated about the Chris Benoit tragedy. Val has very strong words for everyone involved and talks about Chris Benoit in a way never talked about in past RF Video shoot interviews.

Like most RF Video shoot interviews, you will hear a lot of ribs and road stories. Val recalls a classic Owen Hart rib and how he found out about the perpetrator years later. Val talks about an absolute classic rib Al Snow played on him that has to be heard to be believed. Val also recalls some of the classic Val Venis vignettes including being in bed with Jenna Jameson and the famous castration angle. Find out why Val lost his cool shooting that angle with Wally Yamaguchi.

This is one of the most fun and insightful shoot interviews in RF Video shoot history. It is rare that someone in Val’s position opens up as he did for RF Video. Val Venis will leave his mark at RF Video the same way he left his mark for almost a decade on your television set. It is with great honor and pleasure that RF Video presents its newest shoot interview with former WWE Intercontinental and European champion, Val Venis.

Were you a wrestling fan growing up
Who did you enjoy watching
Is it true that you studied economics before getting into the business
Is it also true that you did motorcycle racing
How did you get into the business
What was the training like
What was the biggest misconception of the business that you had
What was the hardest thing in training
How soon did you smarten up
Memories of the Missing Link
He wrote a book and admitted to being=2 0a drug addict. Do you remember this?
Memories of the independents
Did you work shows with Edge and Christian at all
How did you get into All Japan
Memories of your first tour
Memories of the Babas
Memories of Stan Hansen
Was it a different style you had to adjust too
Thoughts on the current Japan scene
Memories of trips to Mexico
Was the adjustment hard on the style there
Did you like wrestling with a mask
Memories of your matches there
How did you get into the WWE
Memories of the tryouts
Initial impressions of Vince
Did you have heat in Mexico for not dropping the title
Who came up with Val Venis
ECW was doing a porn star gimmick at the time, was there any influence there
Who came up with Hello Ladies
Did any of the guys find your work too snug=2 0early on
How soon were you accepted into the locker room
Memories of your skit with Jenna Jameson
Did you do any research for the gimmick, talking to male porn stars
Memories of your debut against Scorpio
Memories of the Kaientai feud and the famous angle
Memories of matches with Taka
What was it like to be a big part of the WWE during this boom period of the late 90s
Thoughts on Steve Austin
Memories of Kurt Angle
Memories of your early series with Savio Vega
Do you have any crazy groupie stories you can share. How nuts did it get
Memories of matches with Ken Shamrock
Thoughts on the Ryan Shamrock angle
Memories teaming with Godfather
How approachable was Vince early on
Memories of being in the Rumble with Vince in 99
Memories of Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara
Memories of your first WrestleMania, WrestleMania XV
Memories of the Rock
Did you see potential in him
Memories teaming with Nicole Bass
Who were your favorite travel partners
Memories of matches with Mick Foley
Memories of wrestling the Mean Street Posse
How were you able to get away and do the IWA tag tournament
Memories of your series with Rikishi
Memories of matches with Chyna
Did you have any problems selling for a woman
Was there any kind of Canadian clique or bond among fellow Canadian wrestlers
You kind of dropped the porn star gimmick in 2000, was that your idea
How much input did you have on angles, storylines, etc
Memories taking the splash from Rikishi off the cage
Memories of the Right to Censor angle
Thoughts on Stevie Richards
Thoughts on Ivory
Why do you think the angle was abruptly dropped
Did you like coming back in 2002 with the porn gimmick
Memories of your run with Steve Austin
Memories of your series with Curt Hennig
How did things change when the new brand was put in place
How did you find out that Vince had bought WCW
What were your initial thoughts
Did you ever negotiate with WCW
Was there a test period for guys coming over from WCW to the locker room
What happened the night everyone stomped Buff Bagwell
Memories of Brock Lesnar
What did you think when Hogan Hall and Nash came in
Was it tense early on in the locker room
Thoughts on those guys
How did Hogan interact with the locker room
How did Triple H change with success
Was it an odd time when he was dating both Stephanie and Chyna
What did you think when the B eyond the Mat cameras came into the locker room
Did Vince change once WWE was back on top and WCW was bought
Did you ever consider doing any kind of MMA
Are JBL and Bob Holly bullies?
What happened at the gym in Australia
Did you ever pursue legal action
At the time you had a good push going and when you returned you really weren’t pushed too hard, was that frustrating since the injury was from a freak accident
Memories of the Chief of Staff gimmick
Did you like it
Memories working with Eric Bischoff
Did you like him
Did you have any problems with cutting your hair
You have always been in tremendous shape, was it frustrating appearing in attire like suits that covered everything up
Memories teaming with Lance Storm
Lance is outspoken these days, is that the Lance you remember
Were you disappointed when the angle ended
Was it frustrating after the angle when you weren’t used in high profile matches
At anytime did you fear for your job when you would hear about cuts, etc
Memories teaming with Vicera
Me mories of matches with Shawn Michaels
Memories of matches with Big Show and Kane
At anytime did you miss the harder paced style of Japan or Mexico or did you enjoy the WWE style
Memories of your matches with Spirit Squad
Is it true that you had a nerve transplanted in your elbow
Memories of teaming with Snitsky
Did you like doing the WWE web segments
Were you surprised it ended
Thoughts on Paul Heyman as a booker
Thoughts on Dave Lagana
Thoughts on Brian Gerwitz
Thoughts on Shane and Stephanie McMahon
Do you think there is a glass ceiling in the WWE for most guys
Thoughts on the Benoit family tragedy
Thoughts on working down in HWA in 2001
Why do you think you got so many dark matches at WrestleMania the last several years
Was successful
Do you like being a face or heel better
Thoughts on matches with Vladimir Kozlov
You have been outspoken on politics the last few years, do you have any plans to do a talk show or anything in the future
Why were you let go from the WWE
Were you surprised
Can strong style wrestling make it in the states
Can TNA compete with the WWE
Have you talked to TNA
Missy Hyatt has had some negative things to say about you, have you heard and if so thoughts
Do you still publish the Hardball newsletter
Thoughts on Jesse Ventura politician
Your sister married Edge, were you more of a protector brother or did you like Adam right away
Was there tension between you guys when it didn’t work out
What did you think of the whole incident between him, Matt, and Lita
Does your brother still wrestle
Favorite road stories
Do you prefer working with vets or younger guys on indy shows
What makes someone a good worker
In your career who did you find was overrated and underrated
Favorite matches overall
Fav guys to work with
Least fav guys to work with
Who do you enjoy watching
Thoughts on the Undertaker
Thoughts about the fallout from the Chris Benoit tragedy
Do you think the government will get involved at some point
Do you think the young guys coming up in the WWE are ready
Do you think there should be steroid testing in pro wrestling
Will you start doing independents
Do you plan to tour Japan or Mexico regularly
How different is wrestling in Japan today as opposed to years ago
Is there a big demand for American wrestlers
Thoughts on Ric Flair wrestling again
Memories of matches with Ric
Is it hard=2 0to make a living as an independent wrestler
Good road stories
Fav and least favorite guys to work with
Do you see yourself with another WWE run?
Is there anyone you wished to work with that you havent
Can you talk about Money Shot shirts
Do you ever want to write a book
Which death has surprised you the most