Vickie Guerrero Shoot Interview

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Imagine what it would be like if through an unforeseen tragedy, suddenly and abruptly, everything you have come to know as normal suddenly stopped. The person who you have come to depend on, built a life with, was no more. Your left with the shattered pieces of a life that will never be the same and the responsibility to carry on a legacy and be the foundation when only a day before the thoughts of this burden seemed unfathomable. Vickie Guerrero shouldered this burden, endured the pain, and as you will see with this in depth interview flourished under the most heinous of circumstances. It was with honor that RF Video sat down with Vickie Guerrero for her first ever shoot interview and she came with honesty, candor, and a sense of warmth that will resonate with the viewer long after the interview concludes.

Listen as Vickie tells of her first Meeting with the late great Eddie Guerrero and she tells of their first date, falling in love, and getting swept away by the charms of Latino Heat. She describes what it was like being introduced to the world of professional wrestling and goes into detail of the pride and passion Eddie had for the business. She talks about the bonds shared with as she describes the “rat pack” of Eddie, Rey Mysterio, Dean Malenko & Chris Benoit. Vickie Describes how the death of her husband affected Chris Benoit the most as she describes changes in his behavior after Eddies passing. She goes into detail about the Chris Benoit tragedy with a perspective of someone who was extremely close with all parties involved. She then tells of her rise in the WWE and how a spot appearance turned into a long fruitful on camera run. She talks about jealousy towards the amount of camera time she was receiving from some and how she ultimately decided it was time to walk away.

Their are many light hearted moments as she describes what it was like getting “tombstoned” by the undertaker along with several entertaining road stories. It’s interesting to hear of the respect and love she has for Vince McMahon while perhaps not feeling the same way towards Triple-H (we will leave that up to the viewer). She walks us through a life spent with one of the greatest workers of all time all the while telling of the highs and the lows. You will laugh and times and surely feel the emotions of a wife who truly loved her husband. You will hear her speak of the future, where she sees herself, and living a life without the chaos of professional wrestling. Regardless of where she goes from here her name has been etched in history as not only the woman behind the man, but the woman who stood tall when no one was there to hold her hand. Courage comes in many forms and it’s sometimes missed, but there will be no missing Vickie. She endures as a mother, a loving wife, and carries proudly the last name that will forever stand the test of time. Excuse me!

Let’s start off by discussing Eddie Guerrero. How did you first meet?
What was your reaction to Eddie’s family being in pro wrestling and him wrestling for a living?
Did you have any misgivings about the business?
When was the first time you saw him wrestle and what was it like to see him perform?
Did you ever imagine that day you’d be involved and performing?
What are your memories of Art Barr and Eddie’s relationship to Eddie?
Did you ever talk in depth with Eddie about his feelings working for New Japan, WCW, and ECW before he went to WWE?
Were you happy when Eddie left WCW for WWE?
What was the talk in the house like when he walked out of his WCW deal for a WWE one?
Eddie was so driven as a performer. Why do you think he cared so much and do you think maybe he cared too much for the business?
What do you think was the secret to why so many fans fell in love with Eddie’s work?
You first appeared on WWE TV during an angle where Eddie and Rey Mysterio were feuding over custody of Dominick, Rey’s son, with the story being he was really Eddie’s and Rey was raising him. How did you first get approached to get involved in the story and what was your reaction to doing so?
Did you feel comfortable appearing on camera?
Who’s idea was it for you to interfere at Summerslam 2005 during the Eddie vs. Rey Ladder Match?
Memories of what it was like?
Were you nervous about getting involved and shoving over the ladder?
When it was over, did you want to get more involved in the business?
What was Eddie’s feedback and reaction to your involvement in the feud with Rey?
How do you want to see Eddie remembered by fans?
After Eddie’s passing, WWE paid tribute to him, booked Rey Mysterio to win the World title in tribute to Eddie – how did you feel about the company using Eddie to further their storylines after his passing?
Was there ever anything that you didn’t like about the usage of Eddie?
Did you have the power to veto ideas they brought to you regarding Eddie?
Thoughts on the angle where Randy Orton told Rey that Eddie was in hell as that upset a lot of fans at the time?
Thoughts on WWE inducting Eddie into the Hall of Famer in Chicago and what that night was like for your family?
How did you feel about WWE instituting the Wellness Policy after Eddie had passed?
When did WWE first approach you about getting involved in the company as a character?
How did they first pitch the idea?
What was your first reaction to the idea of Vickie Guerrero, WWE character?
Did you have any conditions on how you wanted to be portrayed, given that Eddie was being remembered by fans as this legendary performer?
Do you think WWE offered you the job out of guilt over Eddie’s passing?
What do you say to those who assumed that at the time?
Why do you think WWE offered you a role given that you didn’t have a big background in the business?
How did you feel about performing on camera initially once you came into the company in 2006?
Did you ever have any performance or drama background prior to WWE?
How hard was it to find yourself as a character?
Who gave you the best advice and helped you along the most?
Was it strange for you to get into the business given that now you were sort of walking in Eddie’s footsteps?
What do you think Eddie would have thought of you getting involved in the business?
Thoughts on your initial storyline where you got involved in Chavo vs. Rey, eventually turning on Rey?
What sort of training were you getting early on?
Did you ever feel overwhelmed being thrust into such a major on camera role so quickly?
Did you feel you were welcomed into the locker room as Eddie’s wife or did you feel that you needed to prove yourself?
What sort of pressure was there in the locker room for you being the newest member of the roster?
What were Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H like in terms of helping and coaching you?
Were there any members of WWE Creative you liked working with the most early on?
Do you think early on you were treated differently from the rest of the roster in any way since you had not come from a wrestling background beyond being married to Eddie?
Memories of working the Rey vs. Chavo feud?
What was Chavo like to work with?
What was the best advice he gave you about performing?
At this point, WWE began a storyline where Chris Benoit tried to find out what you were doing with Eddie Guerrero’s estate, implying you were doing something disrespectful to it, like burning through Eddie’s money. Did you ever have any concerns that people would think you were really being disrespectful to Eddie?
You began taking your first bumps during this storyline, including Benoit accidentally knocking you off the apron to the floor while wrestling Chavo – thoughts on taking those first bumps?
Who’s idea was it for you to get physically involved?
Was it something you were excited about doing or did you feel early on it was pushing you out of your comfort zone?
Thoughts on the Benoit tragedy and how he is pretty much exiled from WWE history now? He was obviously so close to Eddie, so how did you take the news and what is your theory on what went on that day?
WWE moved you over to an “authority figure” role in 2007 when you became Teddy Long’s assistant on Smackdown. Memories of working with Teddy?
Did you like the GM role better than managing?
Memories of working with Kristal Marshall?
Memories of her wedding to Teddy?
Were you suprised when Marshall quit the company?
One version of why she left was she and her husband Bobby Lashley were upset about the direction she was going to go in as Edge’s replacement for Lita? Shortly after you ended up with Edge – do you remember if she was going to originally be in that role?
WWE made you and Edge a romantic couple on screen. Did you have any misgivings about this, again, because you were Eddie’s wife or did you just see it as you playing a role?
Memories of working with Edge?
Was it weird having to kiss him on screen or just anything for the show?
Memories of taking a tombstone from Undertaker to set up being in a wheelchair?
Were you scared taking the move?
Memories of working with Undertaker?
WWEput together La Familia with you and Edge as the center of the group. Memories of workign with the following:
The Edgeheads
Bam Neely
When did you first hear that they were going to marry you and Edge off? What was your reaction to the angle?
After the Undertaker feud, Edge lost his World title to CM Punk. Memories and thoughts of Punk?
What do you think about him walking out of WWE to become a UFC fighter?
Memories of the angle where you married Edge only to learn he was making out with the “wedding planner” played by Alicia Fox?
WWE turned you babyface for a short time after. Did you feel comfortable in that role or do you prefer being the heel?
Why did the “excuse me” catchphrase take off so well?
You turned back when Big Show KO’d Undertaker for you. Memories of working with Show and his short-term on screen romance with you?
Did you like playing up the Cougar character?
What did your family think of it?
You and Edge won a Couple of the Year Slammy – did you get to keep it?
After Edge won the World title, WWE ran a storyline with John Cena vs. Show vs. Edge leading into Mania 25.
Talk about working with John and what makes him tick?
He gets criticized for allegedly wielding power backstage but is it a fair criticism?
What are your favorite memories of working with him and dealing with him?
Why did WWE move you from Raw to Smackdown?
How different was the locker room and the creative process?
Is there more stress working Raw since its live?
Memories and favorite memories of working with the following talents:
Vladimir Kozlov
Tommy Dreamer
John Morrison
Michael Cole
Jerry Lawler
Shawn Michaels
Ric Flair
Randy Orton
Mark Henry
Mr. Anderson
Alberto Del Rio
Santino Marella
Kofi Kingston
William Regal
Zack Ryder
Roman Reigns
Dean Ambrose
Bray Wyatt
Seth Rollins
Big E.
Memories of winning the Miss Wrestlemania crown from Santino?
Did you ever have any issues with some of the silliness WWE booked you to do?
Memories of the Hogpen Match with Santino?
When led to you deciding to leave the company around this time? Was WWE upset?
What were you doing during your time off?
You returned in October 2009 with a new look. Were you always planning to eventually return?
Eric Escobar was brought in as your boyfriend on screen. Why do you think he didn’t work out with WWE?
Memories of getting more involved with the Divas division on this run and favorite memories of working with:
Lay Cool?
Mickie James?
Alicia Fox?
Kelly Kelly?
Beth Phoenix?
Rosa Mendes?
Thoughts on WWE doing the Total Divas reality series?
Would you have been open to doing the show?
In June 2010, you began working with Dolph Ziggler on screen. What are your thoughts and memories of working with him? Do you feel WWE holds him back too much?
Ziggler and Edge are the two talents you seem to be most associated with as a performer. Compare the two?
Memories of wrestling Trish Stratus on Raw?
How was working with Snooki on Raw and at Wrestlemania?
Did you have a favorite Raw Guest Host?
What led to you managing Jack Swagger and why do you think it had such a short run?
Memories of your feud with AJ Lee and working with Brad Maddox?
Do you think WWE has done right by Maddox given how little he is used?
What led to you making the decision to leave the business once and for all and what was WWE’s response?
Memories of your last night with WWE, paying tribute to Eddie and throwing Stephanie into the mud?
What’s the secret to success and longevity working for WWE?
WWE has tried to find a new top Latin talent- why is it that no one has clicked the way Eddie and Rey did with the fans?
What was your favorite Wrestlemania memory?
Why do you think it didn’t work out with WWE and your daughter?
Do you keep in contact with anyone from the Guerrero family today?Are you still in regular contact with WWE?
What are you up to today?
Do you still follow the product?
Is it strange not to be on the road for you?
Do you enjoy being back in “civilian” mode?
What were your favorite cities to perform in?
How do you want people to remember the Guerrero family when it comes to wrestling?
How do you want to be remembered by fans?
Do you ever see yourself wanting to go back to perform on a regular basis?
Would you ever want to write a book about her experiences in the business?
Would you be open to doing a WWE movie if they called with a role?
Would you want to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?
Do you think we’ve seen the last of Vickie the performer? Would you want to do indies, TNA, etc?
Any last words for fans of yourself and Eddie?