Vince Russo Part 2 Shoot Interview

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It’s time to put Vince Russo under the microscope in his all new 2012 EXCLUSIVE RF VIDEO shoot interview!!!

This was RF VIDEO’s best kept secret and believe me this interview gets heated!!!!

There might never be a man as controversial as Vince Russo in the world of pro wrestling.  Some fans hate him so much that they chant his name to be fired at live TV tapings and PPV’s.  This very same person was the head writer for TNA for over 5 years.  He was responsible for most of the major story lines that appeared on TNA TV and most TNA PPV’S as well.  This all came to a screaming hault in March of 2012 as Vince Russo left the company for many various reasons that he will discuss for the very first time ever, with the king of shoot interviews, RF VIDEO.

It was time to put Vince Russo under the microscope for the first time since he parted ways with TNA and find out what was really going thru his mind when he was in creative charge of TNA!!!

As soon as RF VIDEO heard that Russo quit TNA we quickly contacted him and RF VIDEO flew him to a secret location in March for a one on one interview.  We were told we were not allowed to release the interview until June because he had a commitment to do a live youshoot, so out of respect we had to hold off on announcing this interview until today!!!!

I can personally tell you that this interview will give you a whole new look at what goes on in the mind of Vince Russo.  Many fans disagree with his style of writing but now for the first time, Russo lets everyone know why he does things the way he does and comes out swinging!!!

Did Russo even care what the fans chanted?  You will find all of this out and more…What happened when he had to work with Hogan and Eric Bischoff again?What went on behind the scenes politically with them?  What was it like to work with Dixie Carter and is she being manipulated?  What was his real life relationship with Jeff Jarrett like?  Who’s side was he on when the entire Kurt Angle and Jarrett drama unfolded?

Again we ask Vince about his writing philosophy for story lines and we really pick his brain on why he does things the way he does.  Vince for the first time ever addresses the fans directly and talks all about all of his criticism and I can tell you  that this part of the interview gets intense!!!  You will hear first hand on how he writes for TV and why he is all about ratings.

What about the problems backstage with Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy with drug issues??? We had to bring his name up after all this was a shoot interview, you will hear for the first time ever since Jim Cornette verbally attacked Russo his thoughts on the entire situation involving Jim Cornette and himself.  What really happened in TNA when Cornette left the company?

What guys in TNA were going to get over and why some guys never got a bigger break when he was there…..What was it like working with Ric Flair and all of his issues…Thoughts on Paul Heyman coming into TNA and was there a conversation between the two as Paul was about to strike a deal with TNA to take over….wait until you hear this one…What really happened with the Bobby Rude finish in Philly for the PPV?

This interview was a solid 3 hour shoot interview and we asked everything you could imagine under the sun to Vince Russo and we talked a lot about his relationship with the WWE and the time that he spent there.  Never before has Vince opened up like he did during this 3 hour interview.  The subjects that we discussed about TNA were vital to understand his mentality..   Trust me there was nothing left out of this interview and you will be very entertained by his newest shoot interview with us.

The cat is out of the bag and RFVIDEO once again brings you a phenomenal shoot interview with one of pro wrestlings most notorious head writers of all time.  Vince has worked for WWE,WCW and TNA and now along with RFVIDEO when we put Vince Russo under the microscope you will get all the answers to all of your questions finally answered!!!!!!!

You left TNA the last time we talked and returned to do some angles with Raven, what brought you back
How did you wind up managing AJ Styles
Did you like that
Do you think AJ is overrated or underrated
Do you think he’d do well in the WWE
Was it weird being a babyface in TNA
How do you answer critics who said you used your religion to get yourself over as a babyface
Is it hard to be a Christian and work in wrestling full time
What was it like working with Dusty Rhodes at the time
Do you think Kevin Nash came in for the right reasons
Do you think it hurt when he didn’t put over any of the X Division guys
You left and came back again in 2006, how did that come about
How do you think Scott D’Amore did as a booker
Was there any resentment against you when you came back from Scott’s boys
How do you think company morale was at the time
Thoughts on working with Dutch Mantell
How did you get along with Jim Cornette when you came back
Thoughts on Jim
How hands on was Dixie Carter in booking
Thoughts on the Fire Russo chants
Dixie did a shoot interview where she claims she told the other bookers that if the chants continued, they’d be fired. Is that true?
How involved was Bob Carter
Who was behind the electrified cage match with Team LAX and Team 3D
Dutch denies it was his idea, do you think differently
How did you rise to become head of creative
Did you get any pushback for bringing in Ed Ferrera
Why do you think he left so fast
Do you think expanding Impact was a good or bad thing
Thoughts on working with Mick Foley
What was your initial reaction when you heard Hogan and Bischoff were coming in
Memories of your initial conversations with them
Were they hard to work with
Hulk was critical in interviews of your booking before he came in, were you aware of this
Hulk said after coming in that he “loved you from a distance”, what do you think he meant by that
Were you for the idea to go head to head on Monday nights
Thoughts when TNA signed Ric Flair
Flair has also been critical of you, how well did you guys work together
Why do you think the angle with he and AJ didn’t work
Were you surprised that the WWE brought Bret Hart back at the start of the Monday wars
Why do you think you guys didn’t do so well on Monday nights
Do you think Vince was scared of TNA going to Mondays
You guys started using a lot of high priced veterans, was it hard to keep everyone happy
Thoughts on Booker T’s run in TNA
There was an interview that aired on TNA of Dixie addressing the locker room, whose idea was it, and why did that happen
Do you think Dixie should be in angles
Behind the scenes, was there any tension with Jeff dating Karen Angle
How could Jeff be sent home from his own company?
There is a rumor that Karen was brought back as part of a settlement of a sexual harassment lawsuit, is that true
A lot of critics take TNA to task for not paying the medical bills of their talent when they are hurt, do you think that is fair
What happened with Daffney and her medical bills?
Do you think that the TNA Knockouts aren’t paid fairly
Do you think it is a problem when your TNA Knockouts champion is working part time at Sunglass Hut
Why did Kia Stevens leave
What happened between her and Bubba the Love Sponge
Thoughts on Bubba in TNA?
Is there drug testing in TNA
Is it true that Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley were punished for not bleeding in their feud with the Dudleys and Johnny Devine
Do you think TNA should have paid for Ron Killings surgery
There is a rumor that Dixie Carter actually set aside $1 million for DX to answer the Voodoo Kin Mafia’s challenge, is this true?
Impact ratings started to decline under Hogan and Bischoff, do you think they should have been held more accountable
What was the story behind the letter in which Jim Cornette threatened you
Jesse Neal tweeted about going on food stamps, was the office upset about that
Why has Samoa Joe been buried since his run as TNA champion
How aware is TNA of what independent companies like ROH and PWG are doing
Thoughts on the push of Garett Bischoff
Do you think it rubs talent the wrong way when Hogan does interviews already proclaiming the kid a star
What happened at Victory Road with Jeff Hardy
Why have the match
Do you think it was smart to take him back
Was it a bad decision to hire Matt Hardy
Was he suspended before he was fired
What happened in Europe when Ric Flair refused to get on the bus
Many fans say that TNA house shows are better than Impact, do you agree
What is the biggest misconception about Dixie Carter
Do you think Hogan and Bischoff are working her
Some people think that Hogan and Bischoff will try and steal the time slot when it is up from Spike TV, what do you think
How do you respond when people say you killed WCW
Vince did ECW One Night Stand, do you think WCW One Night Stand could work
Should Ric Flair be allowed to appear on TV at the WWE Hall of Fame
Why was Kevin Nash allowed out of his contract to appear at the Rumble last year
Is it true that you were counting on him to return in an angle
What are some of the biggest regrets you have as a TNA booker? Angles you regret, pushes, matches, etc?
Should Hulk continue wrestling?
Thoughts on the Hogan sex tape
Do you think Bischoff is too dismissive of fans in the social media
Do you think that TNA will end with Vince buying it
Is it true that Dixie’s mother won’t let her spend any more money?
Why do you think TNA pay per view buyrates haven’t increased
Why do you think WWE buyrates have decreased
How would you book the Cena vs. Rock angle
Is Vince McMahon out of touch
Do you think Stephanie and Triple H will succeed when Vince is gone
Who is one guy in the WWE that you wish you could take to start a company with
Was Mick Foley hard to work with last year
Is it true that he tried to change the scripts around, specifically for the Knockouts
Did you think Sting was going to go to the WWE last year and wrestle The Undertaker
Do you think there is a crossover between MMA and pro wrestling
Do you think pay per view is a dying market
Do you think you have gotten a fair shake from the wrestling fans
Is it hard not to jump online and start responding to criticism you believe is unfounded
It appears that TNA writers have more of a wrestling background than WWE writers, which do you think is better?
Is it hard to create fresh ideas without taking a break as a wrestling writer/booker
Did it bother you when you’d read interviews with TNA Talent where they’d criticize TNA
You have said many times that your critics don’t have a clue of how it really works behind the scenes. Can you expand on that for the fans that say you are a terrible wrestling booker?
Why did you eventually leave TNA
Do you think you’ll be back
Do you want to continue working in pro wrestling
Thoughts on Bruce Pritchard and David Lagana coming in
How close do you think Paul Heyman was to coming to TNA
Thoughts on doing the ECW angle in TNA
Thoughts on TNA’s announcers
Why didn’t Bobby Roode go over at Bound for Glory
Why do you think TNA hasn’t been able to take away some of the WWE fans
Where do you see the business going?
Do you think the UFC leaving Spike was a good or bad thing for TNA
Will TNA still be around in 2017?
Have you seen anything in the WWE lately or the last few years that made you scratch your head?
Could you see yourself working in the WWE again?