Wing Take Off 6/12/96 Tokyo, Japan

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This is the show where Wing Alliance tries to prove to the wrestling world that they are the true Kings of the Death Matches. They fight superstars from FMW and the Japan Indy Circuit and each other that they are the strongest and craziest.

1. Wing Kanemura vs. Hido (Street Fight Death Match)
2. Kamakaze & Ricky Fuji vs. Gosaru Gosharu Goshagawara & Hayato
3. Wing Kanemura vs. Toryu (Mr Pogo Protoge)
4. Hisaka vs. Mr Pogo (Street Fight)
5. Wing Kanemura & Hido & Hosaka vs. Masato Tanaka & Koji NakaGaya & Kuroda (Street Fight Tornado Death Match)