Wrestleholics Volume 1

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Indy wrestling journeyman and anime-hair model Sami Callihan invites you to ride along with himself, Adam Cole, and a whole slew of other oddball characters, as they traverse the globe in the pursuit of pro wrestling glory, craft beers, and the best-kept secrets of the karaoke world. You’ll get an in-depth and totally random look at just what these oft-travelling young men do to keep their sanity (arguably) as they spend hundreds of hours in hotels, on planes, and piled 8-deep in cars meant for 5, all so that they can live their dreams of pummeling one another bloody in front of their adoring legions of fans. Wrestleholics follows a motley ensemble cast of indy wrestling’s best and brightest from America, Mexico, Europe, Australia and Japan, and witnesses the intangible bond that brings these men of different backgrounds together as friends with a shared passion for violence with STYLE. Never before have wrestling fans been so privy to the backstage antics, random amusements, and unshakeable camaraderie that is at the heart of the pro wrestling business. Epic karaoke ballads are sung, promos are cut, tobacco is chewed, kangaroos are harassed, balls are tapped, and ADAM COLE CAN FIT THAT WHOLE THING IN HIS MOUTH…THIS is WRESTLEHOLICS.