WSU Becky Bayless Shoot Interview

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Becky Bayless join WSU for the first time in this shoot interview setting. In this interview, Becky talks about her entire career, working her way up, her work in WSU and her time in TNA.  Listen to wild stories that only Becky Bayless can tell as she talks about various people who have crossed paths with her in her career. Becky has always been one of the most controversial women in wrestling and now you can hear all the stories behind the woman.

Questions Asked:

Thanks for being here today. Before we begin, did you ever think when you first started training that you would be doing a shoot interview about your career 10 years later? What’s it like knowing that fans and your peers are so interested in your career?
You got your start in wrestling through the DogHouse. Can you tell us what it was like training there and what it was like working under Homicide?
Did you ever see the Doghouse creating the legacy it did on the northeast wrestling scene?
What made you get into wrestling? Did you always want to be a wrestler or a manager?
From the Doghouse you made your way into Frank Goodman’s USA Pro Wrestling. What is Frank Goodman like?
Thoughts on USA Pro in general?
Thoughts on the impromptu wedding angle at USA Pro?
There was always this story of indy lure concerning you and Raven and a hotel room. Do you wish to give the truth on this and put this issue to rest once and for all?
Around this time there was an incident with Billy Reil & Dana Dameson, that led to Dana Dameson getting a spot on USA Pro shows because everyone found out she participated in extra curricular sexual activities which made Goodman excited. What were your thoughts on Dana getting spots on shows, when you trained and all she did was, well you know..
Around this time you also started working for ROH under the Feinstein regime. Thoughts on the rise of ROH and working there?
During 2002-2004 you focused primarily on managing, rather than wrestling. Was that by choice?
Thoughts on the infamous match you had with Mickie James (Alexis Laree) on 9/20/03? What do you think went wrong?
You also worked for Ian Rottens IWA MS? What was it like working for him?
You were also known to be involved managing and traveling to shows with Kevin Matthews & Danny Demanto? Thoughts on those two? Did Demanto ever love you like a sister?
Is it true in a jealous rage Demanto threatened to spit on you?
Thoughts on working with Striker & Simon Diamond?
Thoughts on winning the Miss USA Pro Contest and how hard were you laughing when Deblasi was furious that the contest was rigged/booked and not a shoot?
At the end of 2004 you were in a brutal car crash. What happened? Did you ever think you would return to wrestling?
You returned to wrestling in 2006 as a backstage interviewer for Shimmer. How come they wouldn’t let you wrestle? Thoughts on Dave Prazak?
You also returned to ROH, with Cary Silken running things. What were the differences from the RF/Gentry run compared to the new Silken/Sapolsky era? Did you ever hear any stories about Silken hitting on the male wrestlers?
On 3/3/07 you made history, being part of the co-main event for the first ever WSU show with Alicia. What made you return to active competition, as this was your first since the Laree match?
Did you think WSU would ever be around 5 years later?
Thoughts on Jac Sabboth and how he bailed on the company. Did Sabboth ever stiff you? Did you ever think he was slightly retarded?
Thoughts on your first match back with Alicia? Did you chose to make your return against her? Thoughts on Alicia as a worker and performer?
You started a feud with Alicia in March that would conclude in December. What did you think of this feud and were you surprised the feud went this long?
Thoughts on showing people you could wrestle and do hardcore stuff, did you think people slept on what you could do in a ring?
Thoughts on your second match with Alicia on 9/22/07?
Thoughts on Christy Hemme in the WSU locker room. Did one of the referees offend her that night?
Thoughts on the blowoff match with Alicia on 12/22/07 during the Alicia retirement show? Did you think your fake retirement angle worked after losing to Alicia in a match you went through a table?
Thoughts about the match itself?
Thoughts on Alicia & yourself saying you guys were just working together. Did you really feel that way?
Thoughts on the title winding up on Sunny that night and then feuding with Tammy.
Who has a better stunner, Tammy or Rocksha?
Thoughts on moving into feuding with Sunny and Dawn Marie.
Did you ever have an issue with Dawn Marie, as some of the matches you had with her were really vicious?
You also started getting a reputation for sleeping too much and not waking up in time for shows. Did you think Dawn Marie took that out on you when you did show up?
Did you ever realize when you miss announced dates the fans would be upset? How come you missed several shows during that time?
Thoughts on working with Missy Hyatt? What was she like? Do you think her commentary took away from the serious stuff WSU was trying to push at the time with mercedes?
Thoughts on working with Mercedes Martinez? Thoughts on Martinez’s role as champion and performances?
On 6/5/08 you would get your first taste of TNA television, being part of the Awesome Kong challenge. What was that like?
You were booked to do a blowoff match with Dawn Marie on 8/22/08, but you were arrested for a DUI on 8/21/08. What happened with the DUI and is it the one thing you wish you could take back?
Not to be funny, but many of your friends said even during your mug shot it looked like you were trying to pose for the camera. What are your thoughts on that?
You would return to WSU in late 2009 after a year away after settling your legal issues. What as it like to be back?
You were put in a program with Rick Cataldo & Brittney Savage, where they used your DUI against you in angles. Were you comfortable with that?
Thoughts on using real life situations in wrestling angles, like your DUI, Matt Hardy/Edge, etc?
Did you approve of everything Brittney/Rick did? Were you ever offended?
How did you think that program came off?
Thoughts on working with both Brittney & Rick?
On 11/20/2009 you got a try-out with WWE… how come it never materialized?
In the Summer of 2010 you signed on with TNA as “Cookie”. How was the angle pitched to you, who pitched it and were you comfortable coming in for a spoof gimmick rather than something real?
Did you ever feel the Cookie gimmick was going to be a short-term thing, because really, how far could you take a spoof gimmick?
Thoughts on working with the random Jersey Shore people TNA brought in. Did you ever hear what Snooki thought of your gimmick?
Did you think it made TNA look minor league by doing this gimmick? Did you think it was fucking retarded to do a gimmick that reminded everyone that Jersey Shore wason during the same time TNA Impact was on?
If you could have booked yourself in TNA during your run, how would have you done it?
Do you think you would’ve suited TNA better (and would have got a longer run) as backstage interviewer. Financially for TNA, wouldn’t that make the most sense?
Did the girls ever resent Christy Hemme for being paid considerably more to hold a microphone compared to them who were bumping every show?
Thoughts on working with Rob Eckos?
When Eckos won the TNA X Title, did it feel like another day in the office, or did it feel like an accomplishment?
Did you miss wrestling at this time?
Thoughts on Vince Russo? Is he a crackhead like everyone says, or just misunderstood?
Thoughts on Dixie Carter?
Thoughts on Brian “Pimples” Wittenstein?
After the initial run as Cookie, did you think the gimmick was losing steam? Did you predict your release?
Why do you think TNA never gave you a shot to be Becky Bayless after the Jersey Shore stuff got old?
Thoughts on Wreslicious? Did you think it bastardized all the hard work WSU & Shimmer were doing to show that womens wrestling can be serious and not a show made by and made for 60 year old perverts?
Did you ever look at Jay Vargas and say “wow what a mark?”
You left TNA in August of 2011. Before making your release official, they broke you and Robbie up. Was the writing on the wall then?
After your TNA run, you made your return to WSU. How did your return come about?
Upon returning to WSU, you reunited with old rival Rick Cataldo. What was that like?
Thoughts on WSU from the early days compared to today?
What are your goals in wrestling right now?
Thoughts on “Bayless Security”?
You are currently in a program with Jennifer Cruz. Thoughts on working with her?
Who are your favorite women wrestlers today?
Thoughts on Jessicka Havok’s rise in wrestling and your match with her?
How do you want Becky Bayless to be remembered?
What is your future in wrestling right now?
Can you see yourself returning to TNA or perhaps showing up in WWE?
Is there anything you want to say to anyone watching this?

Fan Questions
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