Yoshihiro Tajiri Shoot Interview

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RF Video is very happy to announce that we conducted a new shoot interview with the Japense Buzzsaw Yoshihiro Tajiri and it will go down as one of those rare gems.  We did the interview right after Tajiri teamed up with Mikey Whipwreck in our private locker room with him as he was still in full gear, sweating and dripping with green mist!!!

It took RF Video over 10 years to get Tajiri to sit down with us but we accomplished our mission.  Yes, Tajiri can speak english and not only do we give you a interview on his entire wrestling career but this shoot will feature bonus matches with him as well!!!!

Tajiri talks about how he broke into the business and soon traveled to Mexico to learn his craft.  You will hear about his start in Japan and his relationship with all of the indy promoters out there.  Tajiri takes us back to what it was like to work as a green horn with Terry Funk the night he faced Cactus Jack in the infamous 1995 IWA Death Match tournament.  He talks about working in CMLL and all over the world before he got his start in ECW.

Tajiri talks about what it was like in ECW and how he got to work with Super Crazy.  We talk all about that feud and why he thought Super Crazy was better than him and how he made himself better than Super Crazy.  We talk about his matches with Little Guido, Mike Awesome, Tommy Dreamer, Taz and everyone else that he worked with in the ECW locker room.  What did he think of Paul Heyman and how did Paul react after his first match in the company.

Before heading over to the WWE he worked for CZW and a few other Indy companies and we talk about those matches as well with Low Ki and others.

How did Tajiri end up into the WWE and who brought him in.  You will hear a hilarious story on how he tried to hide from Vince McMahon on his first night in the company!!!! This is a hilarious story…as you will see the funny side of Tajiri during this shoot.

We talk about his alliance with Steven Regal right off the bat when he was in the WWE and of course he talks about working with Rhino as well.  Tajiri talks about his team and feud with Eddy Guerrero and what it was like to face Triple H.  Tajiri worked with Chris Kanyon, Jamie Knoble, Xpac, Rey Mysterio Jr and almost everyone in the WWE locker room.  He has many stories on what it was like to work for the WWE before he quit and headed back to Japan.  You will hear why he wanted to quit the WWE for a long time too.

Tajiri talks about working for New Japan and how he got the job as head booker for SMASH promotion in Japan.  We talk to him about the Great Muta gimmick and what it was like working with all the new talent in Japan.  The interview is a must if you love Tajiri as you will see a whole new side of the Japanese Buzzsaw!

In addition three bonus matches have been added at the end of the interview!

1. Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Little Guido
2. Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Psichosis
3. Yoshihiro Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck vs. The FBI vs. Super Crazy & Kid Kash

Where you a fan growing up
Talk about kickboxing
Did you go to New Japan or All Japan
Who were you a fan of besides Great Muta
How did you become a wrestler what was training like at Animal Hamaguchi wrestling gym
Memories of working in Michinoku Pro in 1994
You were a green boy and had to take care of Terry FUnk in his death match with Mick Foley in 1995 what do you remember about that night
How did you get into IWA Japan
What wrestlers took you under their wing and trained you
Talk about Cmll in 1996 in Mexico
In 1996 what was it like to wrestle in Big Japan
Did you like the death matches in Big Japan
Memories of Gedo and Jado
Memories of Shadow Winger and Shadow WX
How did you meet Victor
How did you get into IWA Puerto Rico
Memories of WWF matches in 1997 against Taka and Godwinns
Memories of teaming with Brian Christopher against Taka and Scot Taylor
Memories of CMLL in 1998
Early memories of ECW in 1999
Memories of your matches with Super Crazy
Memories of matches with Tommy Dreamer
Memories of matches with Jerry Lynn
Did you like Raven
Why did you kfabe english from the guys in the locker roombrb i
Did you like Steve COrino and Rhino
Memories of matches with Tazz
Memories of matches with Guido
Memories of matches with Mike Awesome and how scared were you
Did you like teaming up with MIkey
What did you think about Paul Heyman
Were you sad after ECW closed
Did you like going to Puerto Rico
Memories of Andy Anderson
Talk about indy matches with Low Ki at ICW
Talk about CZW match with Justice Pain and Zanidg
How did you get into WWE
Did you like being with William Regal doing comedy bits
Memories of on screen relationship with Torri Wilson
Memories of chris Kanyon
Memories of working Rhyno at Unforgiven
What was it like to work with Xpac
memories of going to smackdown to work with Hurricane
Memories of teaming up with Eddy Guerrero
Memories of working with Roddy Sean O Haire
Memories of working with Jamie Noble
Memories of Eddy Guerrero smashing your  head thru a window
Memories of wrestling Rey Mysterio Jr
Is it true WWE wanted you yo be a Japanese gang member but you were scared because of real life Yakuza
Did you like writing your book in 2003
Did you like teaming with Rhino in the WWE
Did you like working with HHH before you left WWE
Memories of wrestling La Resistance
Memories of ECW One Night Stand working Crazy and Guido again
Why did you leave the WWE in 2005
You worked WWE japan tour with Regal at ringside when he worked Flair
What was it like wrestling in Japan again were you a much bigger star now
Memories of tag match with Muta in All Japan against Kojima and Kaz Hayashi
Memories of working for New Japan in 2009 to 2011
Working with Prince Devitt
Working Giant Benard and Karl Anderson
Talk about Hustle and who wrestles there
Tommy Dreamer and Eugene in Hustle
Super Crazy in Smash