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RF VIDEO got super kicked in the face by the hottest tag team in pro wrestling right now, the Young Bucks when they took the RFVIDEO hot seat. The Young Bucks tear up the rings in PWG, HOH, TNA, ROH, New Japan and where ever they lace up their boots. We had a Super Kick shoot interview that went over 3 hours long and you better believe they brought their game face on for their first ever RF VIDEO shoot. Matt and Nick were just a barrel of laughs from the minute the camera turned on until we wrapped it up. If you love ROH, PWG and the entire indy scene of wrestling, this shoot is a must grab. They have stories on everyone and you will often hear Matt say, this is the first time we are talking about this just for the RFVIDEO fans…..There are stories on the biggest names that are on the indy scene right now and the top guys who just blew up in the WWE over the last 2 years like Seth Rollins, Bryan Danielson, Kevin Steen, El Generico, Briscoes, Reddragon, Joey Ryan, Super Dragon, and the list goes on and on!!!!!

Their stories are non stop from issues they had in TNA with their treatment or should I say mistreatment, issues with Vince Russo and Bruce Prichard to their asking for their release, how they felt they were treated in ROH when they first got there to when the company changed hands and new bookers were put in place, they are very vocal about Jim Cornette as we get into great detail on the teams issues with Jim as it now blew up on Twitter. Both guys speak their mind, as if they were talking right to Jim Cornette. We gave them time to respond to what they have heard Jim say about them and it was a platform for them to get stuff of their chest. Trust me its stuff that you will want to take a listen too and get their perspective.

Who influenced them in TNA and who did they learn from on the road? You will hear hilarious road stories and what the indy scene was like for the duo before they blew up big on the indy scene. Do you want to hear all about their biggest matches in TNA, PWG and ROH, don’t worry we cover that.

You will hear all about their issues they had with Booker T and RVD and this story is amazing. What was it like for them to meet HBK in catering when they had some WWE extra work to do and how did their conversation go down with Shawn Michaels in catering. This is a great story. The entire Booker T story is worth the DVD alone. Nick and Matt share their entire experience on getting a WWE try out before a show and how it all went down leading up to it and what happened after their match and even the next night when they got to work the Uso’s in a quick try out match. Will they ever go to the WWE and why did they turn down the WWE, you will hear their entire outlook on the WWE offers and what their thoughts on their decision to stay away for the time being. Will they have a Wrestlemania moment?

Right now they are huge superstars in New Japan working in front of their largest audience and super kicking their way to superstardom. You will hear how they broke into the Japan scene before going to New Japan they were in Dragon Gate and what that was like for the team and what toll did it take on them when they went over for their first 3 week tour. What was New Japan like and of course we talk all about the Bullet Club and their role in the club. Want stories on the club, well you you got it. Kenny Omega, AJ Styles, Anderson, Luke we got it all covered!!!!

Some of the best stories are about each other and how they rate each other, we talk about their biggest accomplishments, their goals and the biggest misconceptions of being called spot monkeys. This interview was off the charts and its a non stop fast moving interview that will keep you wanting more and more. Their stories were just amazing and funny and you can tell they have so much passion for the business. I can’t wait to rush this to release because the DVD is going to make a impact on you just like a SUPERKICK to the face!!!!

Were you big wrestling fans growing up?
What are your first memories of the business?
What was your childhood like growing up?
Who were the talents you liked the most growing up?
Is it true you were initially self-trained and had a ring in your backyard?
What did your parents think of this?
How does your family feel about your careers?
From time to time your brother sometimes wrestles – why did he never pursue it full time?
What led to you going to train under Ron Rivera in California?
What was the training like?
How different was the training and learning about the business from what you initially believed it to be?
What was the easiest and hardest thing about learning the business?
What was Super Dragon like during that timeframe?
Were there any other students or trainers from that era that went on to become well known?
You get compared to The Hardys a lot – were they heroes growing up?
Was there anyone who wanted to emulate as you got into the business?
Memories of your first show?
Do you remember who you worked?
Memories of the rush before and after?
Is it true you used to wrestle dressed as chickens?
Talk about teaming with Marty Jannetty and being mentored by him early in your career?
What were the best things he taught you about the business?

Discuss what working for Revolution Pro was like back in the day?
The promotion has grown a lot in California over the years – thoughts on it’s growth?
What led to you creating and promoting High Risk Wrestling?
What was the hardest part of promoting your own shows?
Is it true The Young Bucks name came about because the promoter of an indy show didn’t know your names?
What was your first reaction when you heard the name?
Was it hard finding work early on?
How busy was the scene back then?
Was there a lot of politics between promotions?
You worked a lot for Dave Marquez’s NWA very early on – memories of those shows and getting some experience wrestling outside of California?
Where did the Jacksons name come from? It popped up during some of those NWA events.
You worked your first TV on those NWA events – was it harder working TV and playing to cameras then just wrestling or was there no difference to you?
Compare the California indy scene when you were breaking in to now?
Early memories of the following from the California indy scene:
Dave Marquez
Ron Rivera
Adam Pearce
Joey Ryan
The Santino Brothers
The Ballard Brothers
Karl Anderson
Scorpio Sky
Disco Machine
Scott Lost
Los Luchas
TJ Perkins

What led to you making you first apppearance for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla?
First impressions of the promotion?
How has it changed over the years?
The promotion has always had a great reputation among the wrestlers in the business. Explain what makes PWG so unique?
Do you think the atmospere of the promotion could translate to a bigger venue or do they need to remain in Reseda?
Talk about the creative freedom there – who handles angles in a promotion where the guys are allowed to go all out without restrictions?
You had the chance to work with Dragon Gate talents for the first time in PWG. How important was that for your career?
Memories of wrestling Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino at Al Star Weekend 6?
Was it hard keeping up with the DG guys early on?
Memories of defeating The Age of the Fall for the PWG tag titles?
Thoughts on Tyler Black’s success as Seth Rollins?
Memories of the DDT4 tournament where you defended the belts several times in one night?
Thoughts on working with the following in PWG:
Human Tornado
Kenny Omega
El Generico
Chuck Taylor
Brian Kendrick
Kevin Steen
Paul London
Davey Richards
Johnny Goodtime
The Cutler Brothers
Willie Mack
Thoughts on WWE cutting Mack before he started?
Brian Cage
Why do you think Cage has yet to take off with a major national promotion?
Akira Tozawa
Johnny Yuma
Roderick Strong
Austin Aries
Future Shock
Trent Baretta
The Super Smash Brothers
Chuck Taylor
How important was the Smash Brothers feud to your PWG run?
Eddie Edwards
Rich Swann
Candice LaRae
Intergender wrestling on the indy scene has been on the rise in recent years – what are your thoughts on it?
Michael Elgin
Talk about the creation of The Mount Rushmore of Wrestling in PWG? Who came up with the idea?
Thoughts on working with Adam Cole and Kevin Steen? Thoughts on their success in the business over the last few years?
Is there anything you think could be done to improve PWG?

Memories of your first tour of Japan for Dragon Gate?
Talk about the level of fame DG has in Japan?
What’s it like touring Japan for the first time?
What mistakes do you think Americans make while touring there for the first time?
Memories of working with:
Ryo Saito
Susumu Yokosuka
Genko Horiguchi
Dragon Kid
Compare working Dragon Gate to DGUSA?
What’s Gabe Sapolsky like as a booker?
Is it true he was upset that you decided to start taking ROH dates after winning the DG titles?
Do you think he was entitled to feel that way?
Why do you think DGUSA hasnt taken off in a bigger way?
Memories of working The Bravado Brothers?
Sami Callihan
Arik Cannon
Mike Quackenbush
Jack Evans
AR Fox

What contacted you about getting your TNA tryout against the Motorcity Machineguns? Memories of that match?
What were your first thoughts on the company?
Do you remember meeting Dixie Carter for the first time? What were your initial impressions of her?
Same question for Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan and Vince Russo?
Five days after your tryout, TNA signed you. What were your expectations when you were signed?
Were there any promises made to you that werent kept?
What did you think of the Generation Me name that the company gave you?
Did you have any input into your names…Max and Jeremy?
Why did TNA hire you as a tag team and then have you working so many singles bouts?
Discuss the atmosphere backstage at the company?
Why do you think the company has so many problems? What is so wrong about it behind the scenes?
Memories of the feud with the Machineguns?
How was it working the Empty Arena bout on TNA Reaction?
Memories of the Ultimate X bout against Kazarian – how hard is it to do that match?
How did you feel about the company booking you against each other?
How long did it take you to get frustrated with the company?
Was there anyone you could complain to about it?
Was the company surprised when you asked for your release?
Did Dixie Carter contact you after you asked for the release?
Vince Russo knocked you in a shoot interview – were you surprised when that happened and have you had any dealings with him since?
Thoughts and memories of working the following:
Eric Young
Shark Boy
Amazing Red
Brian Kendrick
Petey Williams
Sonjay Dutt
Robbie E.
Doug Williams
Jay Lethal
Why did the Tara story go nowhere?
What led to you coming back for a few of the One Night Only PPVs?
How had the company changed since you had left?
Thoughts and memories on working Team 3D and Bad Influence while working those PPVs?
What are your thoughts on the state of the company these days?

Memories of Matt doing jobs on WWE TV?
Memories of impersonating Triple H and Shawn Michaels on The Dirt Sheet for ECW?
Compare being backstage at a WWE TV taping to a major New Japan event?
Talk about the WWE tryout that led to Rob Van Dam knocking you online?
Were you aware before his comments that you had heat for not shaking Booker T’s hand?
What was your reaction when you heard what RVD said?
Did you reach out to he or Booker?
Have you ever spoken with either of them about it?
You recently turned down a WWE Performance Center tryout offer – explain why and are you concerned about burning a bridge there?

Ring of Honor
What led to you coming into Ring of Honor?
First impressions of Cary Silkin and Adam Pearce?
First impressions of the company and your first bouts on the HD Net tapings at the ECW Arena?
Memories of your first bout with the Briscoes at Glory by Honor 8.
Memories of working Generico and Steen at Final Battle 2009?
The Kings of Wrestling?
During your TNA run, you returned to ROH for some appearances – compare the differences between the TNA and ROH locker rooms?
ROH eventually replaced Adam wuth Delirious – how do you compare how they approached booking ROH and your matches?
You returned after your TNA run after Sinclair bought the company from Cary Silkin – how had it changed?
Jim Cornette had begun booking. Recently you and Jim Cornette had some run-ins on Twitter, which led to you blocking Cornette. Let’s discuss this situation.
What were your first interactions with Cornette?
How did Ring of Honor change when Cornette became booker?
Do you think it changed because of Cornette or because of the new ownership?
Why do you think your style didn’t mesh with how Cornette perceived the business?
Do you think his vision was strangling ROH?
You commented on Twitter that no one misses ROH booked by Cornette. What led to you Tweet that out so long after he left ROH?
Were you surprised when Cornette ranted about you on his podcast?
How do you feel about him saying you have never drawn money?
Do you think the business passed him by?
Getting back to ROH, memories of working with:
C&C WrestleFactory (Cedric & Caprice)
Forever Hooligans
When you finally returned to ROH in 2013, how had the company changed?
What do you think their long term prospects as a company are?
Talk about your feud with RedDragon, which has gone from ROH to New Japan and back again. Why do you think you have such great chemistry with them?

You debuted for New Japan in 2013. How did you get into the company?
You were brought in for the Super Junior Tag Tournament – memories of the tournament?
Talk about the differences between touring for New Japan and for Dragon Gate?
Were there concerns about upsetting CIMA and Dragon Gate by doing the tour?
How did it feel being put into main events on the tour, almost immediately?
Memories of getting to work with Okada on the tour?
When did you find out you were going over in the tournament?
How soon did you find out they were going to be bringing you back on a regular basis?
Memories of defeating TAKA Michinoku and Taichi to become the Junior Tag Team champions?
Memories of working with the Time-Splitters?
Nick had the chance to challenge Kota Ibushi for the IWGP Junior title – would you agree that was your biggest singles bout to date? Memories of the match.
Memories of working the Best of Super Juniors tournament for the first time?
Explain the differences between working a regular size venue and the Tokyo Dome?
How important was the Dome show to you personally?
What made you bring your families with you to Japan?
Talk about the Bullet Club and what led to New Japan adding you to the group?
Why do you think fans have do taken to the group?
Other than yourself or each other, who is your favorite Bullet Club member and why?
What do you make of people who knock you and the Club for doing things like the “Too Sweet” or the crotch chops?
How big do you think the New Japan dome show being on PPV in the Unied States live was?
What do you know about Jeff Jarrett’s plans for GFW? He keeps teasing live events and that Bullet Club will be a bigpart of the company – what do you think the real deal is?

Favorite memories of working these indy companies and their respective promoters:
House of Hardcore
House of Glory
When you are so in demand on the indy circuit, how crazy is your week to week lifestyle
What was your worst travel experience
Any terrible promoters you had to deal with?
Obviously the indies allow you to make money with merchandise on the indies and you’ve had some creative shirts – who comes up with the designs? Do you have a favorite?

What is your response to people who knock you online and saw you can’t work or that you are spot monkeys?
Do you think it’s a fair criticism that perhaps you don’t sell as much as you should?
Do you think getting the New Japan tours gave you additional credibility and a chance to sort of say Fuck you to those critics?

You use social media a lot to promote yourselves. What is the best and worst thing about social media?
What mistakes do you think guys make when it comes to social media?
What’s your response when you see older wrestlers, like Billy Gunn, taking shots at you online?

What led to the creation and naming of the Meltzer Driver?
Were you surprised how big that took off online?
What was his reaction?
Did you worry that by naming the move after him you’d get get heat from other wrestlers or other members of the media?
Do you have a sequel move in mind?

Speaking of moves, where do you come up with the unique spots and moves that you create?
What was the origin of More Bang for your Buck?
Do you think being brothers allow you to be a greater tag team?
Are you able to know what the other is doing without speaking in the ring?
Do you ever find that other teams have trouble keeping up with you in the ring?

Your schedule is pretty crazy. Do you think you’ll ever want to slow it down?
What’s the best and worst part of being an independent wrestler?
What’s the best and worst part of touring Japan?
Is there anyone left in the United States or Japan you’d like to work?
Do you think you’d ever want to return to TNA?
Do you ever think you’ll want to sign with WWE one day?
Do you worry about injuries hurting you and your unique style, especially as you get older?
What do you think are the biggest misconceptions of The Young Bucks?
What are the differences between Nick and Matt Massie and Nick and Matt Jackson?
What is your favorite and least favorite thing about each other?
What is your favorite Bucks match?
Which of you is the better worker?
Where do you want to be five years from now?
Would either of you want to get involved in the booking of the business?
How do you want The Young Bucks to be remembered?
Any last words for your fans?