Zach Gowen Shoot Interview

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The latest installment of RF VIDEO’s industry leading shoot interview series is with a man who was dealt a bad hand in life and managed to use his handicap to go to the top of the wrestling world in a very short time. With one leg and a lot of guts and heart, Zach Gowen went from the Michigan independents, to TNA, straight to WWE in an amazing story of hope, determination, and a cameo from Mr. America! We sat down with Zach Gowen for a two hour shoot that covers his entire career to date The rise, the fall, and the current state of the former Tenacious Z. You’ve heard the gossip and rumors, now hear the other side of the story as only RF VIDEO can deliver! Gowen worked with Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, The Big Show, Hulk Hogan and many others during his meteoric rise while in WWE and Zach explained what it was like working with the heavyweights of the business. In the course of two months, Zach went from winning a WWE contract to a semi main event singles match with Vincent Kennedy McMcMahon on Pay Per View. Now, Zach talks about his entire career, including the fallout from his WWE experience. Now, Zach sits down and talks about working the indys, going back to TNA, and what his future in wrestling is. A great shoot for fans of a tremendous wrestling story.

How did you break into the business?
Were you a fan growing up?
How did you find out you had cancer and how serious was it?
How did you break into the buisiness?
What was the training like and when people found out about your leg did they discourage you?
How did the trainers treat you and were they any different with you?
How were the guys to work with in the ring? Did they try to baby you or did they treat normal?
How hard was it to do the moonsault?
Did you ever get discouraged?
Talk about matches with Truth Martini March 2002
What was it like working in front of a crowd and did he get any bad heat?
Talk about some of the indys that you worked for before TNA?
In Jan 2003 you had dark match with Truth Martin what was that like?
How did he get into TNA?
What was it like working BJ James Road Dog?
What was the TNA locker room like?
Discuss the Ron Killings/Jorge Estrada/Tenacious Z beat Mike Sanders/Glen Gilbertti/BG James match.
Who else did he work with in TNA. ?
Who contacted him in the WWE in FEb?
Take us thru the meeting?
Initial meeting what was that like in May of 2003?
What did you think when you heard WWE was looking to hire you and they hired a different one legged wrestler?
Who came up with the idea to have him as a fan who jumped the guard rail to save Mr America?
What are your thoughts on working w/ Hulk Hogan?
Were alof of the boys jelous that here comes a kid and he is pushed to a top spot
Did you ever feel that you were being taken advantage of our used or did you not care and looked at it as a pay day?
What was it like working with Roddy Piper?
Were you for or against the leg angle with Piper where he pulls your leg off?
What was it like doing the tag match with Hogan vs Piper and Vince?
What was Vince like behind the scenes?
Did you like the video they did on you as a child done by WWE?
Were you getting notcied now in the public?
Memories of the angle where Vince got Zack arrested for assult and causes Hogan to be counted out of his match
Memories of the arm wrestling contest with Vince after Hogan vs Vince match
How was Sable to work with?
memories of the seduction angle
Memories of the Kiss My ass club angle where you low blowed Vince
Memoories of the angle they did with Steph when they beat the Big show with help of Brock and Angle
What was Kurt Angle like?
Did any of the boys ever rib you?
who did you travel with?
Memories of the Vengeance PPV when he worked Vince
Were u nervous working the owner of the company?
What happened during your match with Vince McMahon on PPV when you busted him open hardway w/ a chair?
Was Vince mad when you got backstage after the match?
Memories of The Big Show/Shelton Benjamin/Charlie Haas defeated Brock Lesnar/Kurt Angle/Zach Gowan from Smackdown
Memories of your match with Shannon Moore
What was it like working with matt Hardy?
How was John Cena to work with
Memories of the angle they did with Brock Lesner when he broke his leg in two places
Thoughts on working w/ Brock Lesnar?
What was it like having Brock throw you down a flight of stairs on Smackdown?
Memories of Tajiri defeated Zach Gowan – Afterwards, Jimmy Yang & Ryan Sakoda viciously attacked Zach..
What lead to your departure from WWE?
Was there heat on your backstage for your attitude?
Why did Undertaker have heat with you?
What indies did you work after getting your release from the WWE?
What was it like working w/ Trick Davis in IWA MS at Simply the Best 5 in April of 2004?
Memories of February 13, 2004–IWA Mid South Wrestling: Chris Sabin won three-way over Jimmy Jacobs and Zach Gowen..
How was Border City wrestling and memories of working with Alex Shelly
How was Mad Man Pondo to work with and memories of his match
Memories of December 13, 2004 – Night of Appreciation for Sabu: ICP & Rude Boy beat Corporal Robinson & Zach Gowen & Breyer Wellington
memories of April 23, 2005–BWCW: Chris Sabin beat Truth Martini and Zach Gowen and Petey Williams to win the Cruiserweight title..
What was it like working TNA again?
May 15, 2005 – TNA Hard Justice: Zach Gowan made his return to TNA as the #2 Entrant in a 20-Man Gauntlet Match..
memories of June 19, 2005 – Slammiversary: Shark Boy defeated Elix Skipper & Zach Gowan & Amazing Red & Delirious Jerrelle Clark (6-WAY)..
Memories of July 8, 2005 – TNA Impact: Zach Gowen vs Mikey Batts ended in a NO CONTEST when Jeff Jarrett showed up!
How is Ian Rotten to work for?
How did you like working for IWR
Thoughts on Jimmy Jacobs
Thoughts on TNA
Any talks to go back to WWE?
Any talks about going abck to TNA?
Did you go thru depression after you left WWE?
What is it like to be back on the Indys?
Talk about Big Japan and what it was like working there
Any news companies do any stories on you at all ?
What do you do besides wrestle?
Any Regrets at all?